What you are about to read
will "rewind" any woman’s feelings…
and make her love you again.
For good.
Couple Smiling
Hi, I'm Ryan.

And I’m going to show you the one simple secret that gets your ex-girlfriend back into your arms, whether her feelings faded a couple days ago, or several months ago.

Even if the passion went cold, and even if she's already seeing someone else, this secret will work. I will show you exactly how to rewind her feelings to an earlier, more intimate stage in your relationship.

That means you can use this secret with a female friend - as long as you had chemistry at some point in the past.

It IS possible. You CAN get her back.

Here's a hint: Most men give up too soon.

So pay close attention for the next 10 minutes and I am going to show you the ONLY secret I know that has the power to make her miss you...

And you'll never have to risk painful rejection, because she's going to be the one saying, "I want you back..."

Couple Kissing

But first, I must warn you. What you’re about to read is the complete opposite of most 'professional' advice…

You see, when I experienced my first break up with someone I loved, I could barely eat. I had trouble sleeping at night. I couldn't think about anything but her.

I looked everywhere for answers… and practically all the advice I found suggested having no contact with her.

In other words, they said not to call her, not to text her and not to see her in person… for 30 days! I don't know about you, but no contact for 30 days is a long time, especially when you really miss her.

But I was so desperate that I tried it anyway.

And guess what happened? In those 30 days, she met someone else. Even though I finally got her back using the same secret you'll learn right now, I realized a simple truth:

Avoiding contact with her is not only painful,
but it's also a HUGE risk…

Couple Walking

Sure, if she's stranded on a desert island that’s completely devoid of men, then yes, maybe 'no contact' will make her miss you.

But this is the real world. And there are going to be guys hitting on her constantly.

Especially when they find out she's losing interest in you.

In fact, it's possible she's already involved with another guy right now.

And if you avoid contact with her, you're gambling with your relationship.

Listen. The longer you wait to get this handled, the more likely she is to meet someone else and develop feelings for him. And the deeper she gets sucked into his trap, the harder it will be to get her back.

Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

So please, keep reading. Because no matter what people say, all women eventually hate being single.

And whatever the issues are in your relationship – even if they seem impossible to fix at the moment – can be helped with Relationship Rewind, a proven, simple step-by-step plan to “rewinding” your relationship back to its most blissful times.

Relationship Rewind Rule #1
Get her back fast and make it last.

Now, before we get started, I'm going to be completely honest with you. Relationship Rewind might not work for every situation...

A guy playing a guitar

So let me briefly tell you what Relationship Rewind is not.

Relationship Rewind is NOT:

  • A technique for getting over your ex-girlfriend. In fact, if your goal is to get over her and move on, then this program isn't for you. There are literally thousands of "dealing with the pain" self-help books in libraries, bookstores, and on the Internet.

    Honestly, I've never found one that was effective, and trust me -- it's not because I didn’t look hard enough.

    Listen. Getting over a woman is always a long, painful process -- and the more you care about her, the more painful it is.

    Here's the good news: in this letter, I will show you it's actually easier to get her back, than it is to meet someone new and start all over again.
  • Showing her you changed, or telling her how much she really means to you, or even worse trying to be a 'good friend'.

    In fact: calling, texting, or even emailing herwithout 'rewinding' first is a fatal mistake.
    Secret Tip:
    You need to make it seem like getting back together is her idea. Because if she thinks you're trying too hard to get her back, it sends the wrong message.
    It took me years to figure this out.

    The good news is you'll understand everything, just as easy as you scroll down this letter.

    And last, but not least…
  • Relationship Rewind is NOT a system for going out and approaching women you don't know.

    Relationship Rewind will ONLY work if you've already had some level of physical intimacy with her.

    For example: if you kissed a female friend or hooked up with her after a couple drinks, that counts as ‘physical intimacy.’

    If you held hands with her, or took a romantic walk together...that's physical intimacy.

    And you can use Relationship Rewind to bring those feelings back on a much deeper level.
Relationship Rewind Rule #2
If she was ever more than a friend,
it can happen again.

Now if you're still not 100% certain if Relationship Rewind will fix your situation, then pay close attention because the next few, shocking secrets I’ll share are just for you:


"The 4 Stages of Relationship Decay"

Did you know every relationship decays through the same four stages, in the same order?

Whether you know it or not, she went from feeling close and connected to you… to becoming cold and distant, in four different stages.

It doesn't matter if you were together for a couple hours or many years. It also doesn't matter if it was a fully committed relationship ...or a friendship that turned into something more.

The same four stages happen in the same order, every time.

Don’t pay attention if she tosses around terms like: “broken up” or “just friends”.

These words are nothing more than meaningless labels. The same way that a person's age tells you nothing about how smart he or she is... these 'labels' tell you nothing about how she really feels about you.

So pay close attention, because the very first step of rewinding your relationship back to its most blissful times – is to figure out what stage she's in.

Now let's get started.

“The 4 Stages of Relationship Decay” are:

1. Bliss

2. The Switch

3. Drift

4. Death’s Door
Important: Just because she might be seeing someone else, it does not necessarily mean you’re at death’s door.

Most likely, a woman will meet another guy in Drift so she can use him like a lifeboat when she's having trouble drifting away on her own.

And even if she says they're serious, it's still possible she's using him just to test your dedication.

Now. Before we figure out what stage she’s in, let me make something clear. I am not saying that Relationship Rewind will work in every possible situation. That would be a lie.

Because once a woman reaches the final stage of Relationship Decay, "Death’s Door," it can become a lot harder to get her back, even with a proven system.

I’m not saying it's impossible, but I refuse to make a promise I can't keep.

Relationship Decay Stage One:

"The Honeymoon Phase" and how to STAY there

In Bliss, you felt connected and everything seemed just right.

The best way to describe Bliss is to remember the happiest, most enjoyable moments you and your partner shared together.

For example, it might have been a time when:

  • You had a weekend trip with her, whether you spent most of your timebasking in the sun or cuddling between the sheets.
  • A carefree romantic evening, whether you stayed in for dinner or took her to a nice restaurant.
  • Or maybe it was deeply connecting with her in conversation… or simply sharing your life together.

Bliss could have lasted a few hours, several weeks, or in some cases, many years.

The length of time is not important right now.

Here’s what IS important and is a scientific FACT that will help you:

*Bliss is the only stage that creates emotional mirroring

That means, everything you feel for her, and even the words you say will be immediately felt by her... and mirrored back to you.

If you move in for a kiss, she'll kiss you passionately.

If you say I love you, she'll say ' I love you too'.

And if you know she's the only woman that will make you happy… She will truly believe you're the only guy for her.

This happens because when a woman is in Bliss, even major obstacles such as living in a different city than her, not being her 'type' physically, and influence from other people…do not matter.

Because when you put her in Bliss, anything that usually turns women off, actually becomes attractive to her.

For example, if you're much older than her, she'll tell her whole family 'I learn so much from him!’

If you're broke or lost your job, she'll tell the whole world, 'Happiness isn't about money'!

If you've got some belly fat, she'll brag to her friends, 'He's like a Teddy bear!’

Relationship Rewind Rule #3
‘They say love is blind,
but bliss owns the mind.’
Couple Leaning on each other

The great thing about Bliss is these feelings happen automatically. It's a natural instinct that keeps women loyal.

It also means it's practically impossible for her to become attracted to other men in this stage.

I'm not saying she won't know a hot guy when she sees one, obviously. But when she's in Bliss, she won’t be open to any of his advances.

It's just like when you're totally in love with someone and your friend shows you his idea of a 'perfect ten' in a magazine. It would have zero effect on thelove you already feel.

Here's a pro tip:
Because women are the happiest in Bliss, it's the safest stage in your relationship. And that's why Bliss is the ONLY stage you should rewind to.

Relationship Decay Stage Two:

When things start to ‘change’…

The Switch happens the first time you say or do something that makes her question her feelings for you. Most likely, you did something by accident... but it created a doubt in her mind that she couldn't let go of.

Couple sitting at the table

And when a woman moves into the Switch stage, she loses her 'bliss blindness' and becomes more critical of your imperfections.

She'll even put more focus on the obstacles and challenges in your relationship.

For example, living in a different city only made her miss you more when she was in Bliss, but now she sees it as an inconvenience.

She completely ignored the opinions of her friends and family in Bliss, but now, what they say affects her decisions.

She wouldn't even look at another guy in Bliss, but now she's opening herself to new possibilities.

To make matters worse, women naturally camouflage the 'real reason' for the Switch.

It seems like the harder you try, the more distant she becomes. What used to make her laugh, now annoys her. The little imperfections she once considered cute, now turn her off. It almost seems like just being yourself, just doesn't work.

And even though the “real reason” her feelings changed, might not be obvious… One thing is for sure. The same things she loved in Bliss, push her away in Switch!

That's why most men will never get their girl back. Even if you show her how much you truly care.

It's not because sharing your feelings is bad. It’s because, what she wants will change, when she's in a different stage!

The key is to figure out what stage she's in, so you know which button rewinds the relationship!

Not only will you automatically rewind your relationship back to Bliss this way, but you'll also discover the real reason why the Switch happened in the first place!

That way you'll NEVER lose her again.

But you got to make sure you push the right button. Obviously. Or else you'll only end up fast forwarding straight to Death's Door.

Relationship Rewind is the next best thing to having your very own time machine.

“Because Relationship Rewind is

the very first, PROVEN system

to fix ALL four stages of relationship decay…

It’s become the only system
that gets her back.”

  • Even if you haven't spoken in months and in some cases, years. It might not be easy, but if you can remember a bliss moment right now, she can remember one too.
  • It works even if you live in a different city than her. It doesn't matter if you’re 20 minutes away or 20 hours away. As they say… “Love knows no boundaries.”
  • It will get her back even if she thinks you're better off as friends. You might be shocked when you find out how good it feels, when friends make love.
  • It works for stopping a breakup or divorce instantly. You'll be surprised how easy it is to reverse the 'breakup talk'.
  • You will get her back even if your intimacy was for a very short period of time. Remember relationship rewind rule number two? If she was more than a friend it can happen again.
  • Relationship Rewind works even if she's already seeing someone else. Here's a hint: All we have to do is push the right rewind button and bring her back to a time before she developed feelings for him.

But you have to hurry!

Because you never know what he's saying to her.

Relationship Rewind works to bring the passion back in your current relationship.

So if you're still together, but you notice less passion, less kissing and intimacy pay close attention. Because even if you're still together

Even if you sleep in the same bed with her...

'Even if she still says 'I love you’, it's quite possible you're already in the drift stage, and if you don't take action right... now it's just a matter of time before it's too late.

Couple laughing

Listen. Relationship Rewind is not a magic trick.

It's a simple plan you follow based on the current stage of your relationship. And even though it works best if you use it right away, it can still work miracles when you think it's too late.

How do I know?

Well, for one thing dozens of success stories can't be wrong, but the main reason I trust Relationship Rewind is because…

It worked for me.

I used Relationship Rewind to get my ex-girlfriend, Amber, back.

We were broken up for almost 3 years, and in that time I tried everything.

But because I didn't understand the four stages of relationship decay, I had noidea that every time I tried to get her back, I was only pushing her further away…

Until she had no other choice but to find comfort in another man's arms.

I was devastated… and confused.

At first, I thought moving on would heal my heartbreak, but…

It's time to stop wasting time
'dating around,' and fight for
the one you want!

Spending time with the wrong person only made me miss her even more.

And after dating an embarrassing number of strange new women, suffering through breakups with girls who weren't even half as pretty as Amber was…

Something extraordinary happened.

And everything clicked the moment I realized:

“What she wants will change, when she's in a different stage.”

Gears inside my head started to turn as I began to think about her again. What ifthis could get my ex-girlfriend back?

Couple holding hands

And even though I was nervous as heck, even though I made every mistake a guy could make, and even though she was in love with another guy, I decided to give it a shot.

I simply figured out what stage she was in, and pushed the right rewind button.

In other words, I contacted her using the right method and I asked specific questions to make her miss me.

Then I waited. And just two days later…

She started calling me again…

Her feelings for the other guy went numb, and when we made love on our second 'first date', I felt more alive than I ever thought possible.

Finally, I had my girl again.

It felt like waking up from a terrible nightmare, only to realize it was just a bad dream. I could focus on my work again. It felt like everyone suddenly became my best friend. And I truly enjoyed being around happy people, because I was finally one of them.

And in the seven years since I got her back, I've perfected my system, and proven you can keep your girlfriend or wife in bliss, for good.

Listen. I can talk for hours telling you my story, but you probably have a few questions.

...So enough about me, let's talk
about you...
and what you want
to know right now.

Most guys ask:

  1. What's the best way of contacting her?
  2. What's the 'real reason' she lost interest?
  3. What if she's seeing another guy?
  4. How soon will she start missing me again?
  5. What's the best way of contacting her?
    (This is one of my most popular questions I get
    from clients)

They want to know if they should call her, send a text message, use Facebook, instant messenger… the list goes on.

And that's a great question, because each method of contact has the power tomake her miss you, at different stages of the relationship.

But what most men don't realize is… You have to pick a method of contact that will get her to meet with you in person.

Because let's face it... If all you want to do is send her text messages for the rest of your life… You might as well be dating a robot!

Listen. I'm pretty sure you're in love with a girl right now. Not a robot. That's why it's critical to pick a type of contact that lets you kiss her and hold heragain.

And it all depends what stage she's in right now.

For example, in Drift, the right phone call will rewind her back to Bliss and make her beg to see you. But that same phone call in Switch can be a deadly mistake!

In Step 2 of Relationship Rewind, I'm going to show you the perfect method formaking contact, all based on the exact stage she's in right now.

You're getting proven word-for-word messages that GUARANTEE she'll ask to see you in person. Whether she's your next door neighbor or halfway around the world!

She'll open up again and you'll be kissing and cuddling with her in just a few days – but if you pick the wrong method of contact, it's possible she'll never want to see you again.

Here's a hint:
Everyone knows that sending text messages is very common between close friends.

But there's one stage where you should NEVER send her a text message… because if you do, it can cement you in the friend zone. Permanently.

So what's the real reason she lost interest?

The biggest mistake guys make when trying to get her back is -- he doesn’t know the real reason she lost interest in the first place!

And he ends up asking questions like:

  • How does she really feel about me?
  • How do I know for sure she's being honest?
  • What can I say to make her like me again?

I used to think my girlfriend was making up excuses to avoid spending time with me. One time she even said we would be better off just being friends.

But you and I both know: Once you've hooked up with her, it's too late to just be friends!

This drove me crazy! But then I realized it was her feminine instinct -- disguising the real reason she lost interest. It's almost as if she has no choice! Otherwise, she would never know for sure you're truly dedicated.

She needs to feel confident you’ll figure out the real reason without having to ask her. But when you do show her you know the real reason, she will automatically believe that you can fix it. She'll start to feel more secure about being with you, and begin to imagine a happy future together.

That's why in the first step of Relationship Rewind, we're going to uncover the real reason for the Switch.

Just answer a few simple questions, and you'll find out the truth about why she lost interest… with 100% confidence.

So when you contact her in Step Two, you'll know exactly what to say to make her miss you. And when she asks to see you again, you'll instantly do the rightthing to prevent losing her again in the future. That means once you bring her back to Bliss, you'll know how to keep her there… For good.

Are you asking yourself:

What if she's seeing another guy?

What if they're living together?

What if she's in love with him?

Unless your girlfriend is locked away in a woman's prison, sooner or later the onething we all fear is another man in her life.

I’ll be honest. When my ex-girlfriend first broke up with me, just thinking of my girl with another man made me so jealous, I couldn't even think straight. I was so distracted, I couldn't hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes!

And the more I heard about him the more I lost confidence in myself. But eventually I had a powerful realization:

She might say she's in love with him. She might even be living with him...

But the real problem is not the other guy. It's the positive memories he's making with her!

The positive memories they create act as a 'wedge' driving the two of you further and further apart.

And unless you get this handled quickly, the memories they're making together will block her from remembering the times she's shared with you.

But because she was your s first, you've got an unfair advantage.

And in Step 3 of Relationship Rewind, we'll pick the perfect bliss moment to rewind to.

She'll begin to miss you more, her memories with 'him' will become blurred by yours… but most importantly, she'll start to 'disconnect' from him emotionally.

Advanced Tip:
If you need to get rid of him now, just use the emergency soulmates technique; an easy trick included in Step 2 of Relationship Rewind.

She'll feel so guilty about seeing someone else she'll be begging you to take her back. But you have to do it before their bond becomes permanent. Otherwise you might end up stuck at Death's Door, forever.

Are you asking yourself:

How soon will she start missing me again?

What's the first step to rewinding my relationship?

How can I be sure to rewind before it’s too late?

Listen. How soon she'll miss you depends on how fast you take action, and remember... you'll get the best results when you rewind the instant you know what stage she's in.

Think of it this way:

Rewinding your relationship is a bit like riding a roller coaster.

The hard part is waiting in line, but once you grab your seat, the rush of excitement is inevitable. Your heart will pound like crazy, and you’ll get butterflies in your stomach.

It might be like the first time you noticed how good it feels with her!

But, if you don't ride right now, there could be somebody else ready to steal your spot.

The good news is: You've already waited in line, just by reading this far into my letter.

And right now… you're at the front of the line ready to lock in your spot!

Because you already understand the three rules of rewinding your relationship:

1. Get her back fast, and make it last.

2. If she was more than a friend, it can happen again.

3. They say love is blind, but bliss owns the mind.

AND you know the 4 Stages of Relationship Decay:

1. Bliss

2. The Switch

3. Drift

4. Death’s Door

And you understand figuring out what stage she's in is the key to getting her back.

But that's not all...

Relationship Rewind WILL WORK WONDERS When You Follow The Steps

Relationship rewind is a complete 3-step system.

And in Step 1, you're going to find out exactly what stage she's in. You'll know immediately how she feels about you, and you'll always know exactly what to say whenever you talk to her.

You'll also find out the real reason she lost interest. After all, you can't fix something if you don't know what's wrong with it.

And that's why knowing the real reason is critical to getting her back, quickly – And keeping her happy, permanently.

The best part is we'll do this without ever asking her a single question.

In Step 2 you'll find out the best way to contact her based what stage she's in.

It doesn't matter if you see her every day, or you haven't seen her in months.

The method you use to communicate with her always depends on what stage she's in.

And if you're in a long distance relationship, you'll find out what to say so that the distance makes her miss you even more.

You're getting word-for-word examples of text messages, emails, phone conversations… and simple phrases you can use on different social media platforms like Facebook to make her crazy for you...

You'll know exactly what to say to rewind her from acting cold and distant, to saying 'I need you, come over now'.

Also in Step Two, you'll learn the emergency soulmates technique, so she'll dump the other guy without even thinking about it. All because she knows you're the one.

In Step 3, we'll amplify her desire to be with you... And rewind her back to bliss so you never lose her again.

You'll also discover FIVE secret meeting places that guarantee she'll bond with you emotionally. She'll form an even deeper connection with you and erase any possible doubt in her mind.

And if you're in a situation where you can't just pick up the phone and talk to her, I'll even include a handwritten letter that gets her to call you.

In Step 3, you'll also discover a simple secret that gets her thinking about you constantly.

So even if you're not in-person with her, she'll still be fantasizing about you.

If she moved out, she'll move right back in.

If she's seeing another guy, it will drive her so crazy, she will no longer be satisfied with him.

If her friends and family aren't supportive right now, she'll do all the work to convince them you're perfect together.

And because bliss is an addictive state, it's stable.

So even if another man flirts with her in the future, it will always strengthen her loyalty to you. This guarantees she'll always be falling deeper and deeper in love.

Why am I so confident you can do this?

Well, because you’ve read up to this point, it means you've got the one thing you need to get her back...


And the simple equation I've discovered is:

And there is no system with more proof, than Relationship Rewind. We have the case studies to back them up (which will be made available to you as well).

And when you claim your copy of Relationship rewind right now...

Here's what you'll be getting:

AND for a limited time, you'll get the ClearTruth technique as a bonus thank you gift.

At first I was going to call this technique the lie detector. But once I started using it, there were no more lies to detect! And I soon realized, the ClearTruth technique was actually more effective for lie prevention.

The ClearTruth technique will inspire her to become 100% honest with you, even after using it the very first time.

Just imagine how good your relationship can be when you really trust someone.

Now, when I first decided to make Relationship Rewind available on this website, the hardest part was figuring out what it should cost.

And I think we can agree... spending your life with the right person is… well, it’s priceless.

It can make the difference between living a rewarding life with the woman you love... or being trapped with the wrong person and feeling miserable. Or much worse...

This is going to sound crazy but it happens every day. People die alone.

When I lost the love of my life, I was heartbroken and I would have paid anything to get her back. I would have sold every possession I had. After all, what good are material possessions, if you don't have the right per son to share them with?

What good is a vacation, if the woman you love isn't by your side?

What's the point of eating at your favorite restaurant if you can't do it with her? And remember, you're not just doing this to be selfish...

What's it worth to save her from some jerk who doesn't even appreciate how wonderful she is? Or even worse, a guy who ends up abusing her?

And when I think of it that way, there's no question I would pay anything to get her back.

I would have paid thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to get her back… just to spend one day together and feel her heart beating against mine.

Listen. I know from experience how painful it is without her, and the aching need to get her back in your arms.

...So, I want to make sure if
you need this system, you can
get it with no problem...

And you won't pay thousands... You won't pay five
hundred... or even four hundred dollars.

Because when you lock in your spot right now, you'll get the complete Relationship Rewind system plus the ClearTruth bonus...

You can use any major credit card, your purchase will appear on your statement as “DiCarlo help”.

And just like that,
you'll have instant access to
Relationship Rewind!

... It's about the same price as getting flowers
delivered to your girl...

But there's a big difference between Relationship Rewind… and flowers.

Relationship Rewind works.

And I'm so confident you will get her back, I GUARANTEE it.

Try Relationship Rewind for a full 60 days. I guarantee you'll get her back and she'll be thanking you for showing your dedication.

If not, just send me an email at ryan@relationshiprewind.com, and I'll give you your money back. Every penny without question or hassle.

Just click the button below. Your order is fully protected using secure 256-bit encryption.

In less than 2 minutes you will know exactly what stage she's in. You'll also find out the real reason she lost interest.

Relationship Rewind makes it easy. No waiting for the mailman and no DVDs to clutter your place.

You'll have immediate access to the private members area from the comfort of your own home.

Just click the button below. Enter your information on the secure payment page and you'll have instant access to Relationship Rewind.

In a few minutes, we're going to pick the best bliss moment to rewind her to.

You might even have one in mind right now. Can you picture it clearly? What does she smell like when you are together? What does she feel like when you touch her?

Remember. If you can see it clearly, she can too.

And in just a few minutes you're going to have a simple plan to make her feel the same way when she was most happy with you.

Just click the button below. And let me help you rewind your relationship.